• Overview


    NKO TOOL INC. is the high-performance solid carbide tools reputable specialist. We have been engaged in this field for the past 20 years and get good feedback. Through a combination of modern technology and top quality materials we can offer machining tools meeting all quality standards in major industries such as Die & Mold, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, General Engineering., etc. Our product with trade mark " NKO" is not only well-known in Asia, but also one of the leading brand in the market.

    We are committed to providing you with leading-edge, high-performance carbide tools which can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the supply chains.

    Our products have the following features and advantages:

    Stable tolerance and geometry.
    Price / quality ratio is competitive.
    Suitable for high-speed machining ( HSM ) and high-performance machining ( HPM ).
    Wide range, complete specification and sufficient stock
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  • Philosophy


    Passion for excellence

    At NKO, we are committed to achieving excellence. Our mission is to manufacture and distribute premium performance carbide cutting tools that satisfy customer requirements and expectations.

    We conduct research and development with a close network of international specialists in the areas of grinding machine, carbide material and coating technology.

    Through continual improvement, innovation and teamwork, NKO represents superior quality in products and services to the entire cutting tool industry.

    Exceeding your expectations

    Increased productivity, reducing costs and improving lead times are essential for every company in the struggle for market share.

    Due to our expertise in the carbide sector and the ability to identify with the nature of your problem we are able to guarantee this high quality service

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  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Complete quality inspection system

    Insisting on quality is a tradition at NKO. We have set up a total quality control system to control quality from roughing to finish. In-process inspection is conducted at each step throughout manufacturing process.

    The dimensions are often given in micrometers, so a detailed verification is necessary to meet our customers’ requirements. With CCD camera and "Zoller" processing system, the instrument can inspect various types of tools. The accuracy can reach 0.002mm.

    Tool measruing can assure the accuracy of the workpieces and also the tool life

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  • Production


    Highest level of production

    New developments and the continuous advancement in cutting edge geometries are an important part of the developmental process for NKO. The results achieve the highest surface quality and increased tool-life which offer measurable advantages to the user. 

    The top performance 6-axis controlled CNC super precision tool grinder permits flute forming, grinding, outside diameter grinding and end face grinding accomplished in one cycle. Its automatic loading/unloading system, precision clamping system make NKO one of the world's most reliable tools on the market today.

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